India & Dubai

Apr 16, 2014

Our trip to India and Dubai was nothing less than incredible! We loved getting to spend so much time with the wonderful people in India. We traveled with our NYC church to reach out to those in garbage dumps, leprosy colonies, and gypsy villages who wanted to know more about what the Love of Jesus looked like. We just fell in love with each person we encountered and had the privilege to pray for. It was amazing to see people receive us so well and give us so much honor in return. We saw miraculous things happen to a multitude of men, women, and children, all with open hearts! The sick were healed, blind eyes could see, deaf ears were opened, and the lame walked! It was overwhelming how much the love of Jesus healed and made anew the afflicted and broken. These people’s hearts were forever changed, but evidently, our hearts were too.

Another aspect of this unique journey that also captured our hearts is that it marks our first mission trip as a married couple! That means that we had the opportunity not only to love this vibrant nation, but watch the love of our lives be a source of healing and comfort for others. If you haven’t had this opportunity with the one you love, we can only attest that it is life changing, love enhancing, and a treasure in your “together” memories. We share memories branching from seeing each other hold babies in garbage dumps, to playing with children in a leprosy colony, to helping each other figure out how to use a “bucket shower.” Ha! And in contrast to the poverty we encountered in India, was the wealth and luxury of Dubai. We were truly inspired by this advanced, dream-inspired city. We’ve had such a list of heart-touching, exhilarating, and cultural experiences we will never forget. We have left these enchanting countries with gratitude and love in our hearts along with some photos of this unforgettable experience that we hope draws you in to a taste of our experience of India and Dubai.

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